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The veritable

*Underground Ski Garage*

Where you can become a most remarkable skier and snowboarder

Indoor Ski and Snowboard Lessons in the heart of Sacramento




Video Snowboard Demo



Sessions are private and specific to the individual

Lessons all year for never-ever done it to professionals and experts

The ski deck and instructor targets and develops the area for improvement

The Endless Slope configures from beginner to expert slope depending on training needs





Effective, Convenient & Enjoyable!





If you can learn it in a garage then it's all downhill on the mountain !



How to teach a Chimpanzee

to snowboard


Inclined to ski
Science & Slopes

Snow Teacher without Snow,
Skiing Innovator,
Learning in the Great Indoors

ROAM Robotic's

Ski Exoskeleton




A SnoZone Endless Slope Ski and Snowboard Underground Ski Garage Since 1998

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