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SnoZone Endless Slope Winter Accessory Check List!

SnoZone Endless Slope Ski and Snowboard School (www.endlesslope.com)

Sunglasses/goggles: Protect your eyes with  100% UV protection; 




Yellow lens- Low light overcast days (flat light): brightening the landscape


Dark lens for Sunny days

  Polarized lens feature. A polarized lens provides clearer view of the terrain by reducing glare
  Some people prefer Mirrored lens feature so as to hide their eyes.  Typically silver or gold.
  Double lens or air-lock for anti fogging


Style/coordination is important consideration these days

  Interchangeable lens


Try on goggles for fit make sure foam fits face.

  Comfortable fit on face between the frame and the wearer's face
  Foam padding should be ultra-soft seal with skin and hypoallergenic


Easily adjustable straps


Ample Venting


Good Peripheral vision


Strap fit


Some goggles are made to fit over glasses. Openings in the foam for eyeglass earpieces


If competing: Nose bridge guard (extra protection from dodging slalom gates)




Needed for Changing weather and sun conditions (variable lighting)


Look for Distortion free


Look for Visual clarity


Want true color perception (true color)


Should lack of any point of distractions on lens or goggle


Look for anti-fog lens, No-fog coating on inside


Should be scratch resistant


Should be Flexible


Some want Phototropic-coated (darken with brighter light) feature


 High impact lens such as polycarbonate lens

Hint: blot the lens with lens cloth, not rub otherwise it can rub off the interior anti-fog coating

Hint: don't change chilled lens; they may crack




Wool and silk in the high moisture toe and heel zones


Smooth snug fit


No pressure points.  A flat stitch is important at all seems.


No bunching at toes and heels


Strength and resiliency that cushions


Soft padding on the shin area


Hold shape


No itch


No shrink


Ball-of-foot shear zone reduces sock-to-footbed abrasion.


Soft feel of cotton but not the cold factor of cotton





Most important is Fit and Comfort


Match your need:  Warm days/Cold Days


Consider Insulation type: crushing or matting loses insulation effectiveness.


Down or Primaloft (synthetic) for very cold temps.


Some like a Pocket for heater-pack


Nice to have Heat-regulating system  (cools hands if too hot)


Want good finger movements and dexterity


Glove flex with making of fist


Want "No constriction"


Want Protection from abrasion and weather


Consider the type of Fabric material


   Leather vs synthetic


     Soft leather for minimum break-in time


     Leather at the palms


     Leather at extended covering to two fingers for  enhanced pole grip


       Nylon denier can give clue to quality.


Does it have water breathable membrane


Soft Brushed polyester lining which acts as a wicking agent


Micro fiber linings wick moisture away from skin and they're softer than basic polyesters and feel more comfortable


Gore-tex is an insulation and water-proof/breathable inserts.


Treatment (water-resistant)


Scotch guard -treated to increase water and soiling resistance


Check for Durability (pull on it)


Make sure good Stitching especially at finger and tips


Reinforce stitching at key areas


Seam-saver and overstitching of leather over the back of the thumb for extra strength.


Convenience of putting on (zipper or Velcro wrist cuffs)


Pre-curved finger box to reduce fatigue




For people with perpetually cold hands

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