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   Ski and Riding Tips  Beginners guide to Snowboard equipment (click Here)

Personal Check list

__ Snowboard/bindings/leash  __ Boots   __ Gloves 

__ Sun Glasses/goggles  __ Sun Tan Lotion/Lip balm (both >15 SP/F) 

__ Tissue Paper  __ Bandana, ski mask

__ Socks/liners  __ Helmet/Hat/Cap/ beanie/ headband 

__ Wax __ Snowboard tool kit / Swiss Army knife  __ Snacks/Candy/energy food 

__ Money  __ Season pass  __ Discount or club cards 

__ Layer your clothing to adjust to changing temperatures.

__ Change of clothing for drive home  

Tips on Slope Wear

Sunglasses/goggles: 100% UV protection;  amber lens helps in flat light.

Inner layer: light, wicking layer of polypropelene, capilene or CoolMax.  No cotton, or wool if you’re allergic to it (includes sock & glove liners & headband)

Insulating layer: Polartec or other polyester fleece, or wool.  May only need this layer on top, esp. if pants or bibs have insulation.

Outer layer: Waterproof/windproof i.e. top & pants or bibs, or all-in-one shell, waterproof gloves and boots.  

Click here on what to look for!

Car Check List

__ Snow Chains (make sure it fits tires and in good condition)

__ Know which tires the chains will go on

__ Tire condition: thread wear, air pressure, lug nuts tightened

__ Spare tire condition and tools for changing tire

__ Ground Cloth when putting on snow chains    __ Towel

__ Items you don’t mind getting dirty from putting on chains:

__ Spare gloves, Spare Jacket, Spare pants (overalls).

__ Ice/Snow Scraper  __ Map  __ Flashlight

__ Windshield clean and prep, wipers in good conditioned

__ Head/tail lights working and cleaned  __ Battery   __ Antifreeze in radiator

__ Check board rack: mounting, locks, straps, clamps

__ Tools that may come in handy: Pliers, wrench set, screw driver set, crow bar  


Boarding Tips

Stretch before putting on board

Make sure you have no wrinkles in the socks when putting on the boot

Goofy is right foot in front, Regular is left foot in front

Front foot is attached first and is last to be detached from board.

Face forward with two shoulder tips visible from front

Flex at ankles

Running straight on groomed runs stand tall and relax best to put slight pressure on one of the edges so as to add stability and prevent wobble and catching an edge.   Practice flat boarding on gentle slope to warm up

Ride perpendicular to the slope when board is in fall line

Front foot has majority of the weight

Use front foot for pivoting

 Attaching board to boot: Hold the board on snow with the back foot boot half on the snow and half on the middle of board.  This will prevent board from sliding on snow as you attach front boot first.  Depending on Buckle or Step-In you may want to sit down to attach back boot to binding.

 Slowing and stopping:  Bring the board across the slope.  Make sure the edge that is facing down the hill is lifted up off the ground.  Try to minimize the lift height to only slow or stop you.  The higher the lift the more un-stable your balance.

 If your hips are facing down the hill you will be heel edging, if   your hips are facing up hill you will be toe edging.  To help with   the slowing down of your speed do a “falling leaf” (shifting your   weight from one hip to the other back and forth)

 The Turn:  Prior to your turn make sure center of mass is over the board and allow board to hit a good flat ride enabling the board to point down the fall-line, assure center of mass is just behind the front pivot foot (relax the front foot and adjust upper body to place a bit more weight over the front foot.  This will position you onto the board's sweet spot).  Steer the board and then go onto the edge.

  Remember the front foot has the majority of the pressure   (weight) for pivoting and the back foot is able to brush to either side depending on the turn direction.  For right turn ; the back   foot brushes to the left and for a left turn; it brushes to the right. After the board comes around and points in the correct direction then even out the weight distribution on the two feet allowing for carving along the entire length of the board's edge.

  Which edge (Toe edge or heel edge) in a turn depends on the direction of the turn and if your regular foot or goofy:

         Regular foot:  Right turn – Toe edge, Left turn – Heel edge

         Goofy foot:  Right turn – Heel edge, Left turn – Toe edge.

  For advance boarders unable to make a clean toe side turn try turning the hips so that the side of the leading hip is facing in the same direction as the front board tip.  



__ Weather report  __ Board tuned/waxed

__ Rent equipment  __ Check bindings

__ Boot condition: laces ok, rips or tears,  tight spots pressing on foot

__ Pre-training or conditioning class (i.e. SnoZone)

__ Inform relatives or friends of trip date and location

__ Home Mail and newspaper collection  



__ Electronic communicators  __ Camera  __ Music player 

__ Backpack/fanny pack  __ GPS  __ Avalanche Transmitter

__ Avalanche Probe pole  __ Shovel  __ First aid kit   



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