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"Louie the Xtreme Chimpaneze",

 SnoZone's flamboyant student 

Read Louie's training for his movie MXP (Most Xtreme Primate): "Articles" section "Boarding Gone Ape!"

Louie on Endless Slope


 Louie (on left) with Sam

School Locations

Curtis Park Area*
Sacramento, California 95818

(916) 736-0432**


* Address given out only to actual students with appointments

** If you are not able to reach me or do not hear back in a timely manner:

please contact directly to my cell number (916) 205-0609









Cool Places to Shop on the Eastern Waterfront

By Zannah NOE ( Dec 2004)

Endless Slope
By appointment only

Endless slope is Sam Morishima’s school of extreme sports for everyday people and uh…primates. Learn to ski, snowboard, or surf on Sam’s indoor carpeted conveyer belt. For the absolutely inept or those that are curious to the extreme, Sam can train anyone, and I mean ANYONE. In fact, you have to see it for yourself, but he trained a chimpanzee to snowboard for the Disney movie MXP. That’s Most Xtreme Primate, for those of you without kids. Yes, the little monkey learned to surf carpet before hitting the slopes for the camera. Now that has to be the end-all testimonial for any instructor.  A single class is 30 minutes for $85. Price breaks are given for three or more classes. Instruction is one-on-one, informative and tailored to your skill level, whether it be novice or expert. Stick a gift certificate for a class in a stocking for those with two left feet.

"Article was when I had a school in San Francisco on the Embarcadero on the Wharf.  Yes there are times I miss that beautiful location on the water but since I live in Sacramento I do not miss the commute drive."


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