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Sac SnoZone School founded 1999

Sondra 1999

Sondra at San Jose Tech Museum ES 2001

Sondra on ES 2002

King Smith (student) 2003, Story

Jim Gholson (student)  2005, Story

Garret McNamara Jaws Surf Champion

Tanner Hall X game 07

Eddie Wall X game 07

Mason Aguirre X game 07

Wyatt Caldwall X game 07

Ernest, Sam, Dan X Game 07


Schick Booth X Game 2007

Booth at X Game 2007

Sam X Games 07 Aspen

Sam X game 07

Sam X game 07



Justin of SnowBomb coordinates vendors preparation


Night before the ATT park is getting ready

The gap at night

Snow making team waits their turn

Ice Delivery

Spraying snow

Snow spraying

Mean while

others are at the ICER party


Morning of event

Snow on landing ramp

Snow on launch rap
The Gap prior to netting
The Gap with net
Last minute check
Sondra & Becky
On the field vendors

O2 Bar

Checking it out


Skier & Photographer


Vendors & crowds

Bike demo

In-line skate demo

Skate board demo

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk

Becky demos ES at Pier 38

Whoops, where's my ski?

Boarder leaps the gap

Boarder over gap

Boarder goes for ship

Love that Coke

Skier over Coke

Skier roll over Coke bottle

Above the Coke

Not a solid landing

Whoops, where's my ski?

Taking wings




Bay Bridge backdrop

Night performance

Rider on the lower left

Doing it the Safeway







Sam @ Warren Miller Playground 2007

Jonny Moseley 2007



Story on Icer / esurance Big Air 2005 & 2006 in SF

See ES News



Buttermilk Mountain

Resort, Canada

Feb 2008

Buttermilk Mtn Resort Lodge

BMR front desk

BMR front side slope

Snowboard Clinic

Indoor training

Indoor training

Group shot with instructors

With owner Nick Kaiser

Lower dining area

BMR upper resturant

Fresh snow at BMR













Skate pics

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