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Sacramento Location


Fall - Winter

(Oct - March )

Spring - Summer

(April  to Sept)


Most Days

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8:00 AM - 7:00 PM 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM    

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SnoZone Endless Slope ski & snowboard schools the thrilling way to learn and improve your skiing and snowboarding any time of the year.  




One-on-One Instruction that caters to the student:
SnoZone's one-on-one learning program while you ski or board on the Endless Slope is the ideal way to acquire the skills needed to excel in skiing and snowboarding.  On an Endless Slope you actually ski and snowboard, covering large distances in a small amount of space.  You carve, edge, pressure, steer and balance on skis or snowboard experiencing the same muscle workout as on the mountain while developing the skills needed to gracefully move on snow.

The Endless Slope is sensitive to poor techniques and teaches you to ski and board efficiently and correctly.  The safety belt and bars aid in the learning process.     

Proven Technology:
The SnoZone program on the Endless Slope is a proven method of instruction 
that teaches you to develop the techniques of skiing and boarding in a fraction of the time. The learning is accelerated as you focus only on technique and skill development.  Pure skiing and boarding without lift-lines or distractions allow you to cram several seasons on the mountain into just a few lessons on the Endless Slope.  This high tech method is also the most practical, comfortable, convenient and cost effective way to improve your skiing and boarding.











Be Prepared for the New Season:
The best way
to condition the ski and snowboard muscles is by actually skiing and boarding, which you can do by practicing all year long on the Endless Slope!  You will enjoy your first day on the snow with your newly developed skills from the Endless Slope with minimal muscle soreness and new set of skills.



and / or


Muscle memory

A Wise Investment:
Make the most of your time on the snow
by practicing at SnoZone prior to your snow trip. Turn your snow  vacation into a fantastic one! 

Lessons with SnoZone are a great investment considering the cost of a vacation: lift tickets, lessons, equipment, transportation, accommodations and your valuable time!

In half an hour

complete as many turns as a day on the mountain on the Endless Slope. 

If you live in the Sacramento
area there is no need to drive hours to the mountain since, SnoZone is located in Sacramento California.   You glide on a soft, carpeted moving slope that is equivalent to a packed powder conditions and the weather is always great indoors but most important you are going to feel the ride and know why!

Recondition and Rehabilitate 

(Click "Articles" page title "Inclined to Ski on what USC medical center says about the revolving carpet)



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