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Sam & daughter at the Great Barrier reef holding a sea cucumber (Holothuroidea)




Skiing, Snowboarding and Surfing

Sam Morishima the Founder and Director of SnoZone Endless Slope ski and snowboard school in Sacramento (article "ski instructor without snow") and Endless Slope school in San Francisco (article "Skiing innovator shares his mastery with students).   In conjunction with the San Francisco school Sam works with Adventurous Sport ( expanding its San Francisco programs to include beginner and intermediate surfing (Surf Lessons) on the water in the Santa Cruz area as well as a Dry-Land class (Dry Land Lessons) in San Francisco.   Currently the school is in the process of developing a Wake Boarding Program.  For Wake boarding we recommend "West Coast Wake Board Camp"  (Related Links).

Sam has had the pleasure to instruct and work with several notable athletes such as Louie the Chimpanzee in the making of the snowboard movie "MXP" (Most Xtreme Primate) for Walt Disney and MiraMax.  He has also worked with JAWS Surf World Champion Garrett McNamara in Japan on the Endless Slope as well as Wake Board Champion Mike Schwenne to name a few on perfecting their snowboarding skills.

Sam enjoys working with his students and realizes that for many of them that skiing, snowboarding and surfing is an important part of their well being both mentally and physically as well as socially.  


Sam is also an independent consultant in both the Biotech-Medical field and the Sports Industry. 

In the biotech and medical industry Sam's  experience ranges from being a chemist developing clinical medical tests, to Corporate Director of medical marketing, new market & global medical business development, International medical marketing & sales and managing international medical business.  Sam is a member of the NorthStar Business Consultant team LLC

Sam has researched ski and snowboard artificial slopes and businesses for urban terrain park development.  (article: "Skiing and snowboarding on a Dryslope")

For further information or 

consultation contact 

Sam Morishima 



tel: (916) 205 0609


About Sam Morishima

Sam believes in "one to one" instruction that focuses on developing the individual student's needs.  What is important is to diagnosis the barriers that prevent the student from reaching their goals and thereby focus the lessons on developing skills that will strengthen the foundation of the rider.  This allows the student to quickly and easily establish proper riding habits that enhance the stability and dynamic positioning for riding.   Natural and instinctive high performance riding control and movement is the result.

Sam currently keeps himself busy not only teaching skiing, snowboarding and running a surf program but also involves himself in other aspects of the sport's industry, bio-medical tech industry, community and running his parent's family business.  However, he dedicates his first priority to the SnoZone Endless Slope Ski and Snowboard School. 

Community involvement: Senators Lion International club, APAPA, IMC, JACL, CCC.

Sam works closely with Pro-flight Sports, the manufacturer of the Endless Slope, Pro-Flight wake board towers and other unique sport devices and structures.

A Ski and Snowboarder Staff Writer for Sierra Ski News writes ski and snowboard training articles. 

Sam is a co-inventor of a braking device for a snow board primarily used as a teaching device see patent application: United States Patent Application 20040036257

During the summer Sam along with his daughter and wife critiques musicals for Sac News Net's Sacramento Stage (

Besides Sam's love for instructing in skiing and snowboarding since high school he has had a career span of over 25 years in the Biotech Medical field working as a Chemist developing diagnostic test, International Business development manager to Corporate Marketing Director.  He has been mentioned in the book " Pointing from the Grave," the true story about the use of DNA science to solve a murder.  The book is by Samantha Weinberg.

Sam also manages Jack's Repair & Sales his parent's family business an outdoor power equipment sales and service store and shop on California's Central Coast.