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Endless Slope Deck

  Accessories List

Table of Contents for Articles






Endless Slopes

 Article ES1.          Inclined to Ski  

 Article ES2.          Kids and Adults love the "Endless Revolving Slope"

 Article ES4.          ES4 Magic Carpet Ride.html

 Article ES5           ES5 The Great Indoors.html

 Article ES6.          Why Do It!

 Article ES7           Documentary of a Snowboard Class

 Article ES8          Snow Teacher without Snow 

 Article ES9          Disabled Vets learn to ski/board on an Endless Slope

 Article ES10        Skiing innovator shares his mastery with students

 Article ES11        Science & Slopes


Instructor: Sam Morishima

 Article SM1  Life's moguls bumped a workaholic to focus on training skiers

 Article SM2  Skiing innovator shares his mastery with students

 Article SM3  Snow Teacher without Snow


Louie the Xtreme Chimp and the Endless Slope

 Article L1.           Boarding gone ape!  Local instructor trains film chimp

 Article L2.           Boarding gone ape!  Part 2:  On The Snow!  


 Ski Articles

 Article SK1.           Ski better by finding ski 'sweet spot

 Article SK2.           Avoiding injuries and safe skiing on shaped skis

 Article SK3.          Skierís Guide to Pole Knowledge

 Article SK4.           Ski Tips For Working Different Terrains

  Snowboard Articles

 Article SB1.         Avoiding Face Plants!

 Article SB2.         Boarding Safely  

 Article SB3.         Snowboard Equipment guide


 Ski / Snowboard General Articles


Article GC1.         Should my Child Ski or Board?  

    Preparation, Exercise and Condition

 Article GX1.       4 Simple Exercises

 Article GX2.       Get a grip! e3 puts power into the palm of your hand  

 Article GX3        Keeping our Balance 

 Article GX4.       Developing Proper Ski and Snowboard Balance  

 Article GX5.       Three Things That Can Improve The Way You Ride 

 Article GX6.       Fundamentals Key to Skiing and Riding

 Article GX7        Preparing for a fun first day 

 Article GX8        Conditioning with Circuit Weight Training

 Article GX9        Hip posture a key to better skiing and snowboarding

 Article GX10      Hip Exercises

 Article GX11      Pole Walking to Prepare for Skiing & Snowboarding

    Equipment / Accessories  

 Article GE1.        Wax the Board  

 Article GE2.        Ski Swap Guide

 Article GE3         Snow Accessories (Glasses, Gloves, etc...)

 Article GE4         Dress for the snow

 Article GE5         Helmets


Article Evt1.    Icer Air

Article Evt2.    08-09 Events

Article Evt3.    Children of Winter Review


Urban Skiing & Snowboarding

Article UB1.        Skiing and Snowboarding on a Dry Slope  

Article UB2.        Skiing in summer? New Technology

Article UB3.        History Urban Artificial Snow Parks

Article UB4         NXS holds secret to urban ski & boarding


Movie Reviews



 Surfing Articles

 Article Srf1.         Beginner's Guide to Surfing

 Article Srf2.         Wet Suit and Accessories Guide

 Article Srf3.         Surf board Guide for Beginners




Sacramento Bee/Josť Luis Villegas 

Sam Morishima, foreground, owner of SnoZone Ski and Snowboard

School in Sacramento, works with King Smith on a ski deck, a

carpet-covered device that operates like a treadmill. The

machine is useful for both skiing practice and injury




The ski deck is suitable for teaching the basics of snowboarding as well

      as skiing, with the added benefit that the surface is consistent. 


 Sacramento Bee/Josť Luis Villegas


Sacramento Bee/Josť Luis Villegas

       Sondra Morishima, 13, daughter of SnoZone Ski and Snowboard School

            owner Sam Morishima, learned how to snowboard in the family garage,

            in the Curtis Park neighborhood of Sacramento.



Children love the thrill of learning and developing the proper skills while gliding and carving safely on the revolving carpet 


Sam Morishima runs his SnoZone Ski and Snowboard School out of his garage in Curtis Park, using a machine that simulates a snowy slope. Above, Morishima works with Jim Gholson on improving his form. Sacramento Bee / Bryan Patrick


Sam Morishima can give ski and snowboard lessons indoors with the help of a slope simulator he has set up in his garage. Sacramento Bee/Bryan Patrick

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