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Hands-On Do-it-Yourself Ski and Snowboard Wax lesson


Skis & Boards need to be waxed often after a single day of riding to no longer than 3 days depending upon the snow condition. We’ll teach you – at your own station, on your own equipment – how to wax so you can do it at home in as little as 20 minutes hands on time using tools you can gather for about fifteen to twenty dollars (2010 prices).  We discuss about tuning and overall equipment care and end with waxing your own equipment.  You’ll learn why caring for your own equipment can make you a better rider.  End the hassles of lugging equipment across town or waiting in wax lines on the slope. Learn how & why you can do a professional job yourself quickly and efficiently. 

No more schlepping your equipment across town - or waiting in line at the slopes for your wax job. Learn how to give your equipment a thorough waxing yourself with just a little time and a few tools.
Bring your equipment and leave slope-ready and wax-savvy. You'll wax your skis or boards at your station. We'll teach you the techniques (and the whys) of the waxing process. We'll explain wax types, which tools and supplies to buy, and how to use items you already have.

So bring your equipment and leave with freshly waxed skis & boards!
You'll actually do the waxing yourself at your project station.

You'll never have to lug your equipment to a shop or wait in line again for a simple waxing.

How To: Ski & Board Wax Clinic
At most shops, you'd pay $45-$60 (2010 prices) for a full waxing. It may not be too expensive, but it does take a lot of time to drop off & pick up your equipment. And it's really better to wax throughout the season, preferably every time to every 3 days of skiing or boarding.

So the way to go is learning the skills yourself, so you can do it easily whenever you need to. It's a fairly simple garage or kitchen task with the right tools and a little floor covering. (We won't do edge tuning or base repairs here.)

We'll show you how to remove your old wax, use an iron to apply the fresh coat and how to buff the surface. You'll get a shopping list hand-out, recommendations on wax types for each condition, and a how-to list to take with you for your at-home waxes.

This private lesson is for snowboards, downhill skis and monoskis; sorry - not for nordic skis.  This is a one on one lesson or can be a group lesson.


Class price: $ TBD

Provided: All tools, ski and snowboard bench, all-temperature wax and base cleaner provided

Length of Class: Approximately 2 - 3 hours


  • Please bring only one pair of skis or a snowboard that does not require repairing of bases or edges.  We will not do any repair or tuning the equipment.

  • Bring three lint free cloths (clean rags will do if you can not find lint free cloths) for wiping off ski or board and cleaning/removing base cleaner and old wax .

  • Bring at least 2 Scotch-brite green hand scrub pads which you can obtain from most grocery stores.

Coarse description: Will discuss various waxing methods and perform a simple but practical wax protocol that includes base cleaning with wax remover and discuss Hot Wax Scrap,  apply an all-temp wax and discuss various aspects of temperature specific wax applications' as well as discuss wax principle of adhesion. Will follow with scraping off the wax, polish the waxed base and discuss brushes and other waxing such as Spring waxes, Fluro wax, and will end with a clean up.  Other discussions such as special need waxing with base prep for new skis or boards and other related topics if time permits.





SnoZone Endless Slope School

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Learn more about waxing at: Wax Protocal 

Learn about Tune-ups at: Tune-up