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Surf Lessons

SORRY The surf clinics are currently unavailable and may resume again in the near future.


Pop up and Surf!
Beginner's Women's and Co-ed Clinics in Santa Cruz


Join our Dryland Surf Clinic in San Francisco and Sacramento and then our In-Water Surf Clinic in Santa Cruz and get your surfing summer started!

These clinics are for beginners (never surfed) and novices (have been on a surfboard before, but need to learn or review basic skills).

Start off with a Dry land Surf Prep Clinic a GREAT prerequisite in San Francisco and in Sacramento



A must pre-water dry land surf workshop going over some of the fundamentals and practicing pop-ups on a simulator board.  Classes are 1 1/2 hours and held in San Francisco and in Sacramento.  So if your not sure about hitting the water first attend our Dry Land. 

Click here for pictures using the simulator board.

In-Water Surf Clinic

A one 2 1/2-hour lesson, you’ll develop the skills to catch and ride a wave. Most importantly - you'll have a great time on your first experience surfing!

We even use a special technique to bring you out on the "green water" and give you a little nudge onto a real wave (most beginners just don't have the paddle power to grab it in time.) You'll have your instructor right next to you so you really experience the balance and flow of riding real waves.

In one lesson, you’ll learn the skills to catch and ride a wave; you'll most likely find yourself up on your board the first day out. 



The water lesson starts with an on-beach orientation where you'll learn where to lie on the board, several techniques for popping up, how to center your weight once up on the water and how to move along the board. We'll also cover surf conditions, water safety and surf etiquette.

In the water, your instructors will give you time to practice solo and also be there right beside you - literally. They'll stand up next to you, hold your shoulders and help you up so you can really feel that on-the-wave experience.


We only teach on weekends with the right tide conditions, so you get the best chance Mother Nature can give for good waves.


In-Water Surf Clinic class includes wetsuit and surfboard, plus time to practice. You get lots of  personal attention with our 1:4 instructor to student ratio. We start with a beach orientation where you'll practice several techniques for popping up.  Plus, you'll have a special equipment orientation at Cowell's Surf Shop to learn which boards, wetsuits and gear are best for your level and body type.

 Pricing and Surfing Clinic Dates




Plus: Surf Hints, Board Advice & Wetsuit Shopper
With your registration, we'll send you our Surf Hints (you can even practice popping up at home), Board Advice (so you know what to rent when you come down later with friends) and Wetsuit Shopper (so you know the right thickness & style when you're ready to buy). Cowell's Surf Shop gives all our students 20% off on everything except you may want to look at some suits for a cozy season in the water. (yes, even in the winter!)

"It was so great to get up. I didn't think I'd be able to, but the second time I just did it!"
  -    Helande


Q: Why is your surf program the best?

1. We have women-only as well as co-ed classes

2. We're the only local program that gets you ready for a fun & easy water lesson with our Dryland Surf Clinic practicing on our surf board simulators.
3. We have only 4 students per instructor.(Some women's programs put 12 students per instructor - you just won't get the attention you need in the water that way!)

4, You'll stand up on real waves

5. We'll help you before & after the class, with our Surf Hints, Board Advice and Wetsuit Shopper.

6.Cowell's Surf Shop gives our students 20% off on everything except boards & wet suits.

  After this clinic, you'll be able to rent a wet suit & board and go out into the surf for fun, fun, fun!

Q: How does a beginner get the feel of being on real waves?
Our instructors use a special technique of being right alongside you and gently pushing you onto the wave. They'll even stand up and support you if needed, so you can get the feel of balancing on a wave!

Q: Why do you teach at Cowell's Beach?
 We partner with the Richard Schmidt Surf School at Cowells Beach in Santa Cruz - the best spot in California to learn to surf. The gentle waves break for a long time, the bottom is sand, and the water is shallow.

Q: Is there anything I can do before class to prepare?
Yes! We will send you the Adventurous Get-Ready Primer on Paddling Out, Water Judgment, Waiting on your Board, Catching the Wave and Popping Up. This will get you in the right mindset - and you can even practice some techniques before your water class in our Dryland Surf Clinic! 

The best thing is to take our Dry land Surf Clinic

 (a requirement for some classes)

 Q: Why do you teach in water on certain days?

A: We only teach on days with the right tide conditions, so you get the best chance Mother Nature can give for good waves.


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