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The dry land class prepares you on what to expect and allows you to practice key movements like paddling and popping up. The most difficult aspects of learning to surf are; a nice smooth motion in popping up, keeping one's center of gravity low and a good flexed balance on the midline of the board.

Our surf board simulator helps our students develop these critical aspects accelerating their water learning experience.

Practicing on the Surf Board Simulator

The surf board simulator balances on a rail so that it is essential that the student pop up along the stringer or midline of the board otherwise the board tips to the side.  Below a student shows the correct way to pop up on the surf board simulator without tipping the board:


SrfSim1.JPG (707680 bytes)

SrfSim2.JPG (700254 bytes)

SrfSim3.JPG (711163 bytes)

SrfSim4.JPG (715299 bytes)

Hands to the side by waist

Arching up

Sliding your feet under you

Both feet under you

SrfSim5.JPG (692919 bytes)

SrfSim6.JPG (710133 bytes)

SrfSim8.JPG (708047 bytes)

sf_head.jpg (27577 bytes)

Popping up feet planted

Stay low - hands out

Balanced and relaxed

Ready for the real thing

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