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Garret McNamara with Sam


Testimonials from the Pros and Experts


World free style ski champion Mr. Bob Howard said: “You can quote me that I would never have been a 3 time World Champion if it hadn't been for the revolving ski deck. I am 100% sure it developed muscle and technique you are unable to develop even on snow. I couldn't have developed that without the muscle energy I gained by skiing on the deck. This doesn't mean anything to anyone else but I am sure that the ski/acrobatic / Freestyle training I have done on the deck every fall since 1974 has given me the opportunity to perform and ski at my highest level for my age. I am 46 (year 2002) and soon to be 47 and I am still flipping and twisting.” .... Bob Howard, 3x World Freestyle Ski Champion


"As a ski racer, I use the ramp for fine-tuning my technique. With the mirrors I can monitor my improvement. You can't cheat on the carpet; it's a great skiing aid."  .... USSA Masters racer Charlene Rawls


It's not as easy as it looks!  You have to be spot on or it will throw you.   Its fun, challenging and it will help you."  .... Garret McNanmara, "JAWS World Cup Champion" 


"The Endless Slope helps not only develops ski and snowboard skills but develops correct movements and stance for wakeboard and wake skate maneuvers" ... Mike Schwenne, Wake board World Champion


"The Ski Machine (revolving carpet)… is unsurpassed for learning and conditioning."..... Powder Magazine


   "The deck is well-suited to advance skiers serious about refining their skills. (Novice) students are light years ahead of other beginners." ..... Stu Campbell, SKI Magazine


Testimonials for Sports Rehabilitation and Disabilities

"Sport-specific exercises serve to engrain the proprioceptive pathways (proprioception) and solidify a neuromuscular engram that is specific to these activities (what some call muscle memory).  It is important that rehabilitation includes maneuvers specific to the sport and that such athletic positions and movements be performed maximally and without pain or loss of function. The Endless Slope conveniently allows many of these skills to be tested prior to return to competition"... Sam



"At the center, physical therapists work with injured skiers and snowboarders using ski simulators.

The ideal way of getting someone back to peak performance is mimicking their sport, It allows you to work in a safe, contained environment.  Ski decks are used alongside treadmills and bicycles to strengthen balance and re-educate muscles, not only for injured skiers and snowboarders, but also for those who have knee or lower back injuries."  .... Brian Chavarin, director of sports medicine at the Center for Athletic Medicine at the University of Southern California University Hospital



"The Endless Slope Training method is ideal for teaching the visually impaired. With the safety bar in front to help initially guide the sight impaired student and the freedom to work on skills independently so that the student quickly learns to ski." ...  From interview on Sight Impaired Radio


Testimonials on the quality of Endless Slope

  "The Endless Slope carpet provides the best ride I have ever had on a revolving deck" .... Mike Scanlon; Sun & Ski Deck instructor

  "We purchased the Endless Slope for its mobility, performance and quality" ..... John Niem; owner of Slope Infinity in Hong Kong

  "We started our business using the Endless Slope Decks, and we owe our successes to them" .... Tim Munn; owner of Any Ski School in South Korea.

" I recommend Endless Slope to anyone who is looking to purchase a ski deck" ....Kent Bry; owner of Adventurous Ski and Snowboard school


Testimonials from Students:

"I'd never skied before I took the five lessons on the Endless Slope. Then after a week later in Tahoe I was on blue slopes. I even did a black diamond on the third day. I was so happy." - Simona Chongo; Student

 I must say that at first I was curious about the Endless Slope and if it would really help improve my skiing so I went to see it for myself before making any decisions. Once I saw it and tried it I knew it was a valuable tool and instantly purchased a series of lessons. In the past I have taken lessons on the mountain and found that actual instruction/feedback was only 40% of the actual time. The other 60% was spent getting to/riding the lift and then trying out the instruction. The deck allows for closer to 95% of instruction / feedback. I am surprised that you are not swamped with customers and even turning some away.  If you ever make a SnoZone Endless Slope decal, I'll put it on my car window or helmet; if you do a patch, I'll sew it on my ski jacket.  Every skier and snowboarder no matter what there ability can learn from the Endless Slope lessons.”  - Elliott Genovia; Student

"In addition to being an excellent conditioning tool, the Endless Revolving Slope provided me new skills that had previously prevented me from advancing beyond a certain ski level. My balance improved immeasurably and for the first time I really began to understand what the term "feeling your skis" meant…" Don Werkhoven; Student

" I want to thank you for introducing me to the revolving carpet as a way to learn how to snowboard. I did a little skiing when I was younger but had never been on a snowboard. My lessons on the revolving carpet gave me the opportunity to gain experience and confidence on a board and by the end of my first hour I was getting the hang of it. This method is safe and fun…" Tom Carroll: Student


 "…the Revolving Carpet and your expert help gave me a real feeling for skiing. My first day on the snow I was able to use the rope tow and had a wonderful time coming down the slope…" Hans Sauernheimer: Student

  "…I can't imagine the disaster our first trip to the snow would have been if we hadn't had our lessons with you. Learning to balance and maneuver the board before we got to the slopes, made our snow day adventure much more fun (as well as safer!). " ..... Marge Clinton: Student

"I can't begin to tell you how lucky I feel to have had you as the person that introduced me to skiing.  You have a wonderful ability to instill not only the technical skills but also the passion for the sport in your students.  I'm a complete addict thanks to you and the only thing keeping me from going every weekend is that I'm juggling a full time job and part time school." .....  Lucy Richards: student

  "Sam, I just wanted to drop a short note thanking you for the wonderful lesson Cos and I had this morning. I could tell he loved it and had learned so much. I too thought it was great, much better than I had anticipated. It is quite clear that you know exactly what you are talking about and doing and can teach it so effortlessly. We are both looking forward to seeing you again next week. Thanks so much again. I know you are giving my son a wonderful skill that he will enjoy greatly throughout his life." .... Bob Lipman California Poison Control System - Sacramento Division

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