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SnoZone Endless Slope is:

  • Convenient

  • Its Indoors

  • Its Friendly

  • It uses training bars and belts

  • Its great for ages 3 to 80+

  • Its wonderful for a never-ever

  • Experts to All Terrain Pros train on it

  • Its year around skiing and snowboarding

  • Courteous, knowledgeable and professional instructors

  • Its specific to the student's needs

  • It allows the student to go at their own pace

  • Its the most technologically advanced method of teaching.

  • Its instant feedback with a mirror and instructor's directions

  • Its real skiing & snowboarding without the freeze & danger

  • Its thrilling, exciting and most of all fun

  • Students look forward to each lesson

  • Students can feel and observe the improvement 

  • It develops self esteem and confidence for the snow

  • Discover accomplishment is possible in the right environment

  • Its a wonderful investment in yourself

  • It really works!

Start the Season Right!

It's the first day of the ski and snowboard season and your thoughts turn toward the mountain rekindling those great feelings of gliding down the slope, carving and negotiating the turns. The excitement of mastering the mountain in the crisp high altitude air begins to tear at your patience as you struggle to put on boots and gloves. The lift is not moving fast enough as it slumbers up above the ski run to the peak. Once on top you mentally set yourself for the thrill of a lifetime but first, to reassure yourself that this is no dream you look around taking in the breathtaking view from on top of the world.

Then it broadsides you like a fast moving semi truck out of control on a slippery highway. The first challenging run becomes a nightmare roller coaster ride. Sometime during the summer, you had lost your polished ability to ski or snowboard. Last year's carved turns are today's slip and slide, catching edge is today's catch of the day and the legs have a mind of their own preferring discords of cross tips and leaning back instead of the rhythm of rock and roll. Last year's perfect run is only a faded memory dissolving into today's humbling reality. You're forced to resign to spend the rest of today and tomorrow or the day after working on your skiing or snowboarding skills. Life is not fair as you watch the pros shred past you undaunted and bombproof in their mastery of terrain and gravity.

The smart skier or boarder realizes these frustrating first days of the season and prepares through specific ski and snowboard exercises. So begins the ritual of preparing oneself at ski and board exercise classes or increasing their workout program or adding to their exercise arsenal the infamous sitting position without a chair until the thighs burn, or out of the closet comes the Ski track or the Ski Machine. Such workout routines and devices of simulations maybe helpful for conditioning oneself but do not help in developing the skills which are needed to ski or snow board nor do they establish the correct muscle memory of actual movements of skiing or snowboarding.

Without having to travel to the snow, there is a system that actually works on developing the essential skills of skiing or snowboarding and at the same time strengthen the appropriate muscles to establish the muscle memory, which transfers directly to the snow. All this while providing the same thrill and excitement of actual skiing and snowboarding.

The system is a program of lessons on the Endless Revolving Slope which improves your skiing and snowboarding skills and conditions your body at the same time. The program accelerates your skill development through the actual act of skiing and snowboarding in a laboratory like setting with instant feedback.  The results are phenomenal!  You cram in several season of skiing and boarding into a few sessions on the Endless Slope.  If you are at all serious about your skiing or snowboarding then lessons at SnoZone is a definite must.  Just do it and you'll on your way to better skiing and snowboarding.


Prepare for Winter Season

SnoZone Endless Slope offers a dynamic instruction program ideal for all ages and abilities in a warm, dry indoor setting. 

The Endless Slope Ski Machine provides actual continuous skiing and riding without the distractions of cold, crowded slopes, chairlift lines or adverse weather conditions. 

The Endless Slope is a revolving mountain that is perfect for developing efficient ski and ride skills while improving your physical strength and conditioning. 

A mirror at the bottom of the slope provides instant feedback as you learn and monitor your improvement. 

One lesson can accomplish as much or more than a full day of lessons on the snow providing accelerated learning but, more important establishment of muscle memory in only a few sessions.  A wise investment for yourself or a loved one!

Caution: If you haven't been skiing or snowboarding in awhile, you may not be ready for the Sierras!   Get in shape while learning in the convenience of Sacramento.  The lessons are fun, easy, and very concentrated.


Ski and Snowboard in Sacramento?

 "People will think you’re off your rocker if you tell them you are going to ski or snowboard in Sacramento."  If improving your skiing or snowboarding or having a great first day on the snow is important then SnoZone Endless Slope ski and snowboard school located in  Sacramento or makes it possible.

 SnoZone Endless Slope ski and snowboard school has enhanced the sport of skiing and snowboarding - you don't have to waste time or money for travel or accommodations to a snow resort to practice and improve your skiing or snowboarding. Instead you can have professional instructions and actually ski and board on an "Endless Slope" in the convenience of a local indoor facility.

Once on the moving endless slope, you're reminded how tenuous balance on a steep mountainside can be.   Except here you're safe and comfortable and able to manage the ride because you're aided by holding onto a bar in front and a safety belt around you.

 As you strengthen the skills for skiing and boarding you lessen your reliance on the the aids.  But in the beginning you're truly grateful for the assistance.  You develop your riding balance, upgrade you're edging but most important you begin to understand and incorporate muscle memory. The Endless Slope trains you to carve your turns. You actually feel the fabulous sensation of skiing and boarding on real snow.

A 30 minute experience will convince you beyond a doubt the effectiveness of the SnoZone Endless Slope ski and snowboard school.  After about ten minutes on the "Endless Slope" you feel like you've been on the mountain all morning. "This is wonderful," you scream, thinking it works the ski and riding portions of your legs far better than any work out routine ever could.

After a half hour lesson you're smiling.  Finally, after all these years, you begin to actually unravel the mystery to master the sport of  "Skiing or Snowboarding"!


Our Philosophy

Students have found:

The "Endless Slope" is by far one of the best if not the top teaching program for skiing and snowboarding they have experienced. It can accelerate the development of their skiing and snowboarding capabilities quickly, conveniently and at the same time being so enjoyable. The students actually ski and snowboard on real skis and snowboards.

The Endless Slope will not tolerate any bad skiing habits.
It allows the student to break through any stagnation in improvement by focusing on developing good ski and snowboard form, reaction and skills.

The "Endless Slope" fine tunes the student's balance, edging, pressure control and steering allowing advancement to carry through to moguls, powder and steeps.

For both skiing and snowboarding the "Endless Slope" can cramm three or more years of training into one season.

Unless you try it you won't realize the benefits!

Beginners to Expert

You ski and snowboard as the terrain revolves under you. Beginners and professional skiers and boarders alike work on skills and improve technique.  The safety belt and balance bar lets you explore your technique without the fear often associated with on–mountain learning. No trees or people interfere as you see yourself technically advance in the mirror. The proximity of your instructor combined with the safe environment, makes your one half hour lesson equivalent to an all day private on the mountain.

The SnoZone school helps turn you into a skier and boarder in just a fraction of the time required in other programs. The Endless Slope is a great way to begin snow boarding or skiing. Experienced skiers find that sessions on the Endless Slope corrects inefficient and bad habits ingrained from years of misconception on the snow. Get rid of over-rotation, develop your weak side, and advance at your own pace under the guidance of your instructors.  SnoZone can accelerate your goal to reach your full potential in skiing and snowboarding.

All Year Practice

The truly extreme practice through-out the year.  Technology and ingenuity provides all year long practice! There are dry slopes, hills layered with a carpet of plastic bristles. These are found in Japan, Briton, and in Europe.

There are snow domes, buildings with artificially made snow in them the first major one was in Tokyo, Japan but also found in England and the latest in Dubai.  There is also skiing and boarding sand dunes which is popular among many desert cultures. The skis and boards are not much good after a few runs with the sanding it gets.

City dwellers can go to indoor facilities on moving-carpet ski machines. Great way to improve there technique and condition for the coming season?

If you love the sport and want to become better at it  practice the ride all year long.


The SnoZone Endless Slope System

Doing:    The Endless Slope allows the student to actually ski and snowboard and to execute the lessons rather than just academic book learning or muscle exercises.

 Experiencing:  Experiencing correct movements instills ease.  When moves are executed correctly it is smooth and effortless versus the consequences of incorrect movements creating off-balance and resistance resulting in excessive forceful work. Proper experience drives our tendency to make correct movements. So doing leads to experience going toward effortless movements.

 Incorporating:   Repetition allows development of coordination and muscle memory.  Proper reflexes are established.  Muscle conditioning and stamina are established through constant practice. More importantly the honing of proprioception sensors in our joints prevent injuries as well as development of core balance.

 Improving:        The art of skiing and boarding is broken down and each piece is developed through a variety of drills.  Practicing and continuous repetition of the drills establishing lasting improvements allowing advancement to higher and more complicated drills.  The key skills that are improved are; Balance, Steering, Edging, and Pressure.

 Understanding:  Through improvement from repetition of drills the student begins to realize the importance of the learning sequence, make-up and development of complex movements. Any bad movements are therefore not tolerated.

 Implementing:    Once skills are developed on the Endless slope the students are able to integrate them to various terrain conditions creating synergistic talents and capabilities on the snow.

 Advancing:    Being able to quickly adapt creates a firm  foundation for advance levels.



Should I or Should I Not?

It is easy to build layers of reluctance to trying something new or different.  However you will find that the Endless Slope is really not something different or new.  It has been used since the 1960's to train and demonstrate skiing among the top skiers at the time.  After a while on it you will realize that you are actually skiing or boarding but without the snow.

But, if you have read down to this section I am afraid you are truly interested in either learning to ski or snowboard or want to make a vast improvement of it.

Give the Endless Slope a try, the first 10 minutes on it is free.  If you decide it is not for you then you owe us nothing.




Our Philosophy



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