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Date: 5 Jan 2018


You and the revolving slope made me into a real skier after struggling 30 years with poor ski techniques.  On the carpeted slope I felt for the first time my body weight over the ski's edge.  You taught me how important proper ski positioning was inorder to ski effortlessly on the mountain.  This system worked wonders on me.   I now enjoy skiing at a much higher level.  I plan to take more lessons with you when I return from my European ski vaction.  Thank you for all your patience, I didn't realize I had so many bad ski habits...... Stewart


Date: 22 Mar 2016


Don't stop teaching on the Endless Slope!  I need to train with you early every season before my first trip of the winter.  Taking early season lessons for the past 10 years has not only made me a better skier but gives me reassurance that I am ready.  I feel safer and comfortable to ski.... Shirley


Date: 10 Mar 2010


The ski waxing clinic was a real eye opener on how simple it was to wax and care for my skis. After the wax clinic I rode those skis on a Spring like day, coming upon a flat area I passed other skiers who poled their way across. It was magic that I could glide across it.  I learned my lesson not to let my skis go unwaxed but best of all I can do it myself.  I felt the skis were much more responsive especially my turns. Thanks for all the lessons on skiing and on taking care of my skis. .....Terry


Date: 21 Feb 2010


I have been enjoying the vast improvements in my skiing during the past 4 seasons by coming religiously in October with lessons on the Endless Slope.  If not for you I would not be enjoying this sport.  I once thought it was not possible to ski but you changed all that.  Thank you for your patience and knowledge to help me overcome my fears and develop the skills to ski whereever I want to go.  ....... Gina, Endless Slope Student


Date: 04 Dec 2009


Hi Sam!
I just wanted to thank you for such great lessons on your Endless Slope!  Ashley and I had an absolute blast at Heavenly last weekend and look forward to getting back into the snow asap!!  In January maybe we can schedule for snowboarding lessons.  The skis were fun but I want to try boarding too.  Oh and you were right, I love being in the snow it's so addictive so you can just call me an addict!  Thanks again for making my first time on skis a success!
Endless Slope is AWESOME! .....Eugenia A.


Date: 07 Sept 2009


SnoZone Endless Slope ski and snowboard school is like having your very own private ski or snowboard laboratory where you can experiment new moves, fine tune your timing and body positions and best of all obtain instant feed-back.  Where else can you study your moves in a mirror as you ride.  The safety belt and bars are very handy for developing the proper way to execute moves aiding you at the beginning by helping you improve your balance and minimizing your falling.  As you improve and gain confidence you can wean off the safety belt and bars and incorporate the new moves in your free skiing or snowboarding on the SnoZone Endless Slope before transitioning them to the mountain.  Through SnoZone I really improved quickly and in-grained the fundamentals thoroughly.  I now understand effortless riding ........Clif



Date: 28 Aug 2009


Preparing for this Winter season I recommend something more active than just checking out your local ski and board shop or watching Warren Miller movies.  Head on over to a local outfit called SnoZone Endless Slope.  They use a revolving deck to develop the skills and muscles you need on the slopes and can greatly reduce the amount of time you waste on the mountain. It's the fastest way to improve your riding and condition those snowboarding or skiing muscles from their Summer hibernation.  It worked for me last season and now I'm starting this month to ready myself. .......Tom B.


Date: 09 July 2009


It would be simply wonderful if everyone took lessons on the Endless Slope, then there would be less to worry about out-of-control skiers or snowboarders  running me down on the mountain or falling in front of me.  So I recommend everyone who has a lift-ticket (pulled or not) take the time before or during the season to practice and take lessons on the SnoZone Endless Slope. That way you'll have better control on the mountain slopes.  You just might save yourself from being injured or injuring some innocent rider like me.  In the meantime I'm going to keep practicing on the indoor Endless Slope so I can experience greater enjoyment on the snow outside. After 12 sessions at SnoZone Endless Slope I now ride steeper slopes and take them down faster than all my friends who have been snowboarding for way more years than I have.  The best part is I'm in control all the way down. Can't say that about many others who are coming behind my lead including my boy friend and ex-husband.  It's great to be a leader after all these years chasing others. Can't wait for this season's first decent snowfall. Thanks SnoZone! ......Rebecca


Date: 31 Mar 2009


For years I have told people that I am an expert skier and can go down any slope.  What I did not know until now is that forward momentum allows people to get by with horrid technique. I use to fly down the mountain on my skis, thinking I’m a great skier just because I was not falling. It was momentum that was holding me up.

 Not until I got onto the Endless Slope when I found there was no forward momentum because the carpet rolls up beneath me and my actual forward speed becomes zero.  For the first time ever I realized I had to be centered and balanced over my skis.  I came off the Endless Slope with the first real awareness of what it means to be ski centered, which is the basis for all good technical skiing.

I learned more in one lesson on the Endless Slope than in all the lessons I have ever taken on the snow.

From a series of lessons on the Endless Slope I have become a different and much better skier.  My first indication was that I was using less energy and strength because of my better developed balance.  By the end of the ski day I am still ready for more.  My friends tell me I have changed in my skiing which now looks solid as I ski down the steeps being on my edges as I carve my turns in control smoothness and ease. What a difference the Endless Slope has made in bringing me to a higher enjoyment in my skiing. Thank you …….  Jonathan


Date: 20 Mar 2009

I would like to start out with a big THANK YOU!!  We drove up for lessons and you helped me get over my fear of falling and helped Mike with his new board and binding adjustments. We had such a great experience with you, we would like to schedule another lesson for us and our family. I want the family to have the quality teaching and enjoyable experience that we did with our lesson. Hope to see and hear from you soon. (PS: I haven't stopped talking about it since!!)" .... from Mike and Monica

Date: 14 Mar 2009


"Your training, of me, is paying great dividends - I'm skiing with greater skill and surety and, faster too!  Have traversed slopes that previously intimidated me with confidence and ease.  Look forward to future sessions with you." ..... Jim


Date: 29 Jan 2009


"I'd never skied before I took the five lessons on the Endless Slope. Then after a week later in Tahoe I was on blue slopes. I even did a black diamond on the third day. I was so happy." ....... Simona Chongo; Student


Date: 14 Feb 2008


" A couple of years ago I purchased lessons on the Endless Slope.  The lessons was so successful (my skiing got much better).  So now I would like to take my skiing to the next level and ready to sign up for more lessons!" ...... Mike


Date: 07 Feb 2008


" The Endless Slope turned my 9 -year old daughter into a real skier."  ......Jamie, a very happy Dad


Date: 17 Jan 2008


"I am a self admitted non-cold weather person. I'm also in my 30s and had no idea how to ski or snowboard. Somehow, I got talked into taking a snowboard lesson on Endless Slope. The lesson was more fun than I thought it would be. But I was still concerned about actually hitting the slopes (literally). So, off to the mountain I went just waiting to see if my first day or two would be as bad as everyone says. It wasn't even close. ...The Endless Slope totally worked. I never even caught an edge until my 5th day on the mountain - on an intermediate slope! Thanks so much!" ...... Rebecca G.


Date: 10 Oct 2007


I had an awesome experience at my Endless Slope lesson.  Sam is an awesome instructor who is totally passionate about skiing/ snowboarding.  I've been snowboarding for the last two seasons and wanted to brush up before this season.  My bf and I took the class together.  I would definitely recommend taking the class with someone else who is at the same level because you take turns snowboarding on the incline carpeted treadmill machine thing and you get to learn from the other person.  Oh, and awesome workout...  Jen L


Date: 23 Mar 2007


You have to check out the Indoor Snowboarding lessons on a moving carpet.  It's a great way to learn without the snow, people, and distractions.  It's also a great way to rehabilitate a bum knee....  Cathy

Date: 09 Apr 2007


I wanted to tell you Brandon "got it". On the way home he said "That's the most fun I've ever had!"   If you remember us, we came in last year and you talked me into taking lessons too. I am so glad you did! Remember, he wanted to snow board and you started me on skiing! (My sister says most women stop skiing at my age and she is very impressed that I just started!).  Of course we could use more lessons. I feel very unsteady and insecure going down the hill and he is slowly cautious. So we'll come to you again before the next season.   Just wanted to say Hi!  and tell you we appreciate the time and attention you gave us last year! And wanted to let you know we have enjoyed going together to the slopes and it is great family fun just like you said!  Thanks a lot!  Hope all is well with you and yours.......Brandon and Sue


Date:13 Feb2007


"Wow! Why hadn't I heard about your school before?  The lessons were fantastic! Had I'd known before I would of saved myself years of frustration and a painful injury. My first day skiing after your lessons I swear I skied better than anytime in my 17 years of skiing prior to the accident that tore my ACL.  The part of rolling my ankles and the counter-balance made all the difference.  I now feel more relaxed and free in my skiing.  I lowered my stance like we practiced and squared my shoulders to the fall line and felt so stable coming down the steeper runs. Thank you for your patience with me.  I must of been a real pain through the whole process but I finally understood what you were teaching" .... Yours truly a very convinced student (you know who I am)


Date:21 Jan 2007


I recommend this to anyone going skiing or boarding. After my sessions at SnoZone Endless Slope I not only improved my skiing ability but the carpet time helped me stay out on the slopes all day.  I didn't want to stop when the lifts closed.

Terry Johnson


Date:15 Aug 2006


Best practice for skiing there is!  I had a great time today, thanks to Joyce's birthday gift for a lesson on the fake ski slope at SnoZone.   What a surprise it's an incline with a carpeted conveyor belt that moves up an endless slope, so you ski down the moving carpet as it pulls you up as you ski in place. There's a belt you wear that prevents you from falling and a bar at the bottom that you can hold on to. It was a great help to me to remember what it's like to have skis on.   Had a difficult time getting my weight on the correct foot when turning.  It was wonderful to know I need to start training early. I've gotten about half a day or more out of the way by doing this! I 'm going to buy a series of lessons to nail down my turns.  I can't wait for my other lessons and then onto the snow this winter!  Recommend this to anyone.  Everyone needs this!

Alex Thomas


Date:16 Mar 2006


Hi, Sam:

Annie and I skied Bear Valley.  You can only imagine how we skied.  Powder up to my waist, higher on Annie.  
Annie and I are skiing like never before.  Thank you Sam.
See you at our next lesson.
PS:  Annie is now titled:  The Snow Cat.

Date:14 Jan 2006 


Hi, Sam:

Thanks for a fun introduction to Boarding Today!

Sue is totally conked out and even I'm a tad sore, but it was such fun to work with you and your shredmill ! Sue really enjoyed the lesson and was very happy to have stayed up the whole time!

Your calm and easy teaching style makes it feel comfortable doing something that is pretty uncomfortable at first.

I really enjoyed watching Sue 'get it' as the lesson went along. And thanks for giving me a taste of it as well!

Have fun!

Pete and Sue 


Date:15 Jun 2005


Wanted to let you know that your lessons paid off. This was my best snowboarding season yet. I would of never dreamed of taking on the black diamond runs without your training. They are easy once you learn to relax and practice on the Endless Slope. You made a believer out of me. Will see you this coming season, save a group of session slots for me.       Michael


Date:18 May 2005


Wow, what an awesome season! Thanks for all the training. If it wasn't for SnoZone I would of never discovered the true excitement of the sport of snowboarding. I've shouted to all my buds about your Endless Slope SnoZone school. Get ready for a rush of new comers. I'm a Boarder for Life! - Brent


Date: 16 May 2005


Hi Sam;

My 15 yr old daughter and I took 5 lessons from you in Jan.    I just wanted to give you some feedback.  Snowboarding has been unbelievable!  I've gone over 20x now so obviously I'm hooked.  My daughter has gone about 7x and also enjoys it.  It has been a good thing to share.  Thanks for getting us off to a good start.  I got the spring pass at Alpine and have progressed to the blacks.  Last trip we had over a foot of fresh snow and it was dreamy!     Keep it up  -  Rich


Date: 21 Mar 2005


 We had a great vacation on the Winter Break.  Ariel and Maya had a great time skiing and made huge progress.  Omer snowboarded when he was not suffering from the high altitude, and me—well, I really tried, but I injured my ankle on the first day, probably b/c bad fit of the ski boot, and had to enjoy reading and knitting for the rest of the week.  It was fun, though!   We are going skiing again this weekend, this time in Tahoe. Please say hi to Sam for all of us.  He is great!  -  Tzippi


  Date: 23 Feb 2005


Hi Sam,

I just got back from skiing in Colorado. I can't believe how fun it was. Steamboat actually made the national news for chest high powder. Your lessons really helped a lot. Although, I think I have a ways to go before I get it totally right. And I never asked you what to do in powder!   Anyway, just wanted to say thank you and I'll definitely be calling you for more lessons in the future.  - Betty


Date: 03 Feb 2005


Skiing has been an important part of my life. After the bike injury my doctor told me I may never ski again. Now after three years of hard rehab and the time spent on the Endless Slope I am skiing again thanks to you. I'm planning a trip to Vail next season and need more time this summer at SnoZone to prepare. See you soon. Perry G.


Date: 21 Jan 2005


When I was in my late 20's I was a terrified wanna-be skier looking to ski with my daughter and friends. I tried skiing only to bruise myself.   I ended up getting a free ride down the hill in a carriage behind a ski patroller.   Now at age 40, I decided to make another attempt -- but this time with a lesson at SnoZone.  What a difference, I was nervous at first but quickly felt at ease having a safety belt and a bar to hold onto.  The instructor was wonderful showing how easy it was to balance and roll my ankles to move effortlessly across the deck.  Taking me step-by-step through what I needed to advance to parallel I  was ready for the mountain. Having now skied successfully on snow I love skiing! I plan to condition myself at SnoZone prior to every winter season to prepare for my skiing.  Thank you  Endless Slope! - Kathy


Date: 16 Jan 2005


Sam, we just came back from a fabulous ski day and we owe it all to SnoZone and its Endless Slope. Samantha skied without falling and skied down several intermediate runs on her first time on real snow. The first hour of snowboarding I fell a few times but I knew exactly what I was doing wrong. After that everything came together and I started to link my turns. I even rode switch and by the end of the day I was riding intermediate runs. You've given us a wonderful start and we will be coming in for another 12 lesson program. Thank you for giving a couple of retired folks a wonderful ski and snowboarding experience. - Your students Randal and Samantha


Date: 10 Jan 2005


Been riding a board for 10+ years consider myself an exceptional rider now at age 40. Trying to teach my son who is 9yrs old for the last 3 years, very frustrating, lots of hard moments, this may just be the answer, I'm a Roseville resident, I'm going to look into this for him, practice makes perfect. Thanks Dave 


Date: 04 Jan 2005


The revolving carpet Endless Slope is a remarkable teaching device. It guides you to make the correct movements. Along with your teaching skills I learned more in half an hour than in years of lessons on the snow. Thank you for your time and patience with me. Skier for life - Beth


Date: 03 Jan 2005


Wish I had discovered you years ago. All those years of snowboarding and after a few sessions with you I was able to ride switch and handle the steep stuff..  You made a believer out of me that the Endless Slope and your program is the best training a boarder can get.     - Trent B


Date: 23 Dec 2004


I won't be going up to the mountains this weekend.   I want to do a lesson this week.  How embarrassing! A chimpanzee can snowboard better than me. Thanks, Jack


Date: 20 Dec 2004


Fantastic lessons! Can't wait to try all the things I learned on the snow! Thank you for building up my confidence so I can enjoy my vacation with my teenage snowboarders. Tina a new snowboarder


Date: 09 Dec 2004


Had a wonderful time with your lessons and the first day I was on snow I was able to go down intermediate runs. Your snowboard lessons really made the difference. My friends are all amazed that I can out snowboard them on my first day. Thank you so much!!!! Janice


Date: 30 Nov 2004


The Endless Slope was endless fun! I'm definitely going back! Plus Sam's a GREAT teacher, and that makes all of the difference in the world!  -Pam


Date: 13 Nov 2004


I just wanted to drop a short note thanking you for the wonderful lesson my son and I had this morning. I could tell he loved it and had learned so much. I too thought it was great, much better than I had anticipated. It is quite clear that you know exactly what you are talking about and doing and can teach it so effortlessly. We are both looking forward to seeing you again next week. Thanks so much again. I know you are giving my son a wonderful skill that he will enjoy greatly throughout his life.


Date: 04 Nov 2004  


Sam, You're quite the inspiration. Momma always said "do what you love and the money will follow". Wishing you the best. Stoked, Mark S.


Date: 09 Sep 2004


I will truly enjoy the website - now I know when the ski swaps are scheduled!!!


Date: 07 Sep 2004


Hello, I am visitor 792! Website looks better each time. Lots of great information. I'll visit during the day so I can check out the live cam in Santa Cruz. Good Luck and have a fun surf and snow season!


Date: 05 Sep 2004


Great website for anyone interested in snowboarding and skiing!  Love the web cam on road and weather conditions. Hot Stuff links are cool. Keep up the great work! TJ


Date: 04 Sep 2004


This website is great! The lessons are fun and very helpful. Thanks for all that you've done! ~Sondra and Rose~


Date: 01 Sep 2004


I found the Endless Slope a great way to prepare for my first day of the season snowboarding and will continue to use it prior to the start of every season. If you are a beginner or haven't skied in a while you will find great value taking as many lessons prior to going on the mountain. By putting into muscle memory all of the essentials of skiing and boarding prior to the trip, you have more time on the mountain enjoying snowboarding or skiing.  I took about 10 lessons on the Endless Slope before my first snowboard trip. It meant I went straight to the top of the mountain on the first day of my vacation (it was still somewhat difficult the first hour- but suddenly it all came together), where as all the other beginners spend a couple of days messing about on the beginners slopes and several giving up. You would be insane not to try the SnoZone Endless Slope School. - Bonnie


Date: 13 Mar 2001


Sam, yesterday (Monday) was a great lesson at SnoZone for both Michelle and her friend, Caroline.   Her Grandma, who is a teacher, was very impressed with how patient you are with your students!  Michelle came home tonight (Tuesday) very tired and very happy.  She loved Snowboarding!!  She said she definitely felt more confident after taking the Lessons from you!  Thank you!  - Leslie


Date: 10 Feb 2001


Skiing and snowboarding lesson w/o falling!
Imagine getting a full-day's lesson in 1 hour without falling or any bumps, bruises. This is the best way to learn technique in a controlled environment. You are harnessed in and skiing/boarding on a continuously running carpeted slanted ramp.
It's a miracle they teach skiing this way and not barbarically on the sloped ready to break your neck!
Got to try it. You'll be converted. You're also getting a great workout toning those muscles.  

------- Margaret Mock


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