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e3 Biogrip Walking Poles Revolving Carpet Roller Skating Youthful Aging  

This section is dedicated to building Strength, Talent & Health
Roller Skating

Creating a stabilization while in motion: Dynamic Balance

Roller skating is a great way to develop and maintain dynamic balance, improve cardiorespiratory fitness and muscular endurance.  A fabulous benefit of roller skating is the development of a keen ability of stability, enhanced flexibility, agility and reflex.  From an aerobic benefit Roller skating advantage over running is two fold.  It works the adductor and abductor muscles from the side to side movement and it reduces up to half amount of impact shock to joints ligaments and tendons.   Extreme care must be taken as falling is a lot easier to do than most other sports and therefore never rush your progress and stay balanced.  Know your limitations, rest often and quit early. Enjoy just being out on the rink.

Skate like you "SKI !"  (Who says you can't "CARVE" on Quads)
Learn more on Roller Skating: coming
- Senior skating pictures  why senior skating is valuable

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e3 Biogrip Walking Poles Revolving Carpet Roller Skating Aging  

e3 Sports Grip

The importance of the shoulder girdle in performance and proper development:

Performing physical activities to minimize injury and to maximize peak strength, balance, agility, endurance and speed in physical activities such as walking, jogging, running, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, wake boarding, bicycling, skating, martial arts, gymnastics, to Olympic weight lifting  has a lot to do with your hands.   This is because the hand's position has a large influence on the shoulders.  The shoulder girdle in turn dictate the positioning of the rest of the body for performing an activity. An instability in the shoulders throws off the balance of the body frame and inefficiency occurs in the use of the body.

Grasping the e3 in the hands pulls the combination of muscles of the forearm to align your shoulder girdle stabilizing your body's frame through your core and recruiting muscles throughout your body solidifying your skeletal frame and maximizing leverage of limbs and joints.  This synergistic actions of muscle, joints and skeletal frame reinforces the core at the same time recruiting muscles optimally to work in tandem maximizing leverage power while creating stability to the body.

To safely maximize your performance the e3 is a must have training tool for developing peak and efficient performance for every day activities to Olympic challenges.




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How to order your e3:

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e3 Biogrip Walking Poles Revolving Carpet Roller Skating Aging  

Walking Poles

Making a Simple Walk into a Total Fitness Routine

Studies show that you can turn a simple walk around the block into an efficient, effective aerobic & a more total body workout by the use of fitness walking poles.

Proper use of fitness walking poles or Nordic poles or hiking/trekking poles can help align your walking posture and provide up to 40 % more calorie burning exercise.  The wonderful aspect of such an exercise is that impact to the body is reduce up to 26% and it feels as if less effort has been used because of the enhanced balance, load distribution and aided propulsion from the upper body.

Proper technique is vital for maximizing safety and getting the most out of your pole walking.


Video by Jayah Faye Paley author on trekking poles

Learn more on Fitness Pole Walking:

Seniors wanting defensive moves using walking poles

Pole walking great off season exercise program for skiers and snowboarders

- Study Notes used as a certified pole walking instructor

e3 Biogrip Walking Poles Revolving Carpet Roller Skating Aging  

Revolving Carpet Ski Decks

Revolving carpet ski decks were first developed to accelerate the skill development of military skiers.  The device was later used to train and hone the abilities of world class freestyle skiers in the sixties and seventies.  The use of the revolving carpet decks reduced the time to develop the skills and techniques for skiing and snowboarding.  Half an hour on the revolving carpet ski deck was equivalent to doing as many turns of skiing or snowboarding on the mountain.  This concentrated training allowed for repetitive focus on technique and skill incorporation that would take years on the mountain slopes to develop.  The revolving carpet allowed for rapid development in proprioception, muscle, bone, cardiopulmonary development that created agility, endurance and riding stability in the skier and snowboarder.


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e3 Biogrip Walking Poles Revolving Carpet Roller Skating Aging  


Youthful Aging

Never too old for athletic endeavors

Studies show that more aging athletes continue to maintain and develop performance even into their later years.
The most important thing to do is keep active, may it be yard work, to walking, to pole walking, to bowling, to dancing, to tennis, to roller skating, to skiing or snowboarding it is important to keep the body moving and the mind alive.

learn more on Youthful Aging & Fitness:
- Dr. Miriam Nelson Research on aging
-Staying Youthful; Bio-mechanic workshop   

e3 Biogrip Walking Poles Revolving Carpet Roller Skating Aging