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An Everyday Practical Guide to keeping you "Youthfully Skiing or Snowboarding" through Better Body Biomechanics (B3) workshop clinic

Introduction:   We can be our worst enemy in the battle of keeping ourselves youthful and having a high level of quality of activities’ as we age.

In our youth we can do most physical activities well such as skiing and/or snowboarding without much effort or pain but as we age they become harder. One reason is we have lost the bio-mechanical advantage or make-up of the activity. One major advantage factor is body-alignment. We tend to lose optimized body alignment over time. One reason for the loss is the engraining of poor posture through poor body movements such as improper sitting, walking, running, lifting, etc… example: in youth rarely do we feel the pain of improper lifting or the pain of our joints wearing away due to poor repetitive motions such as tennis (lateral) or golfer’s elbow (medial). Our youthful strength, agility, healthy newness of our body and most importantly our body musculoskeletal system alignment allowed us many times to complete tasks and activities with ease.

However in time, repetitive everyday poor biomechanical movements slowly at first and later accelerating, twist and mis-align the musculoskeletal system frame decreasing the bio-mechanical efficiency. Such-mis-alignment gradually wears away skeletal-muscular frame manifesting itself as body pains, limitation of movement, reduced capabilities and activities greatly limiting our quality of life.

We label the reasons or excuses under the vague notion of getting old, being over the hill, or reaching the dawn of our life. I believe it is time to redefine what getting old means by keeping us aligned for maintaining and discovering abilities through better biomechanics to have new activities rather than being excluded from them.

The possibility of postponing or minimizing or even reversing these limitations through better musculoskeletal system alignment is to replace repetitive poor bio-mechanics with bio-mechanical movements that support a strong musculoskeletal system alignment.

Poor routine biomechanical movements with poor musculoskeletal system alignment can stress the musculoskeletal system resulting over time in further misalignment of the body and a vicious cycle of declining biomechanical inefficiencies. A well aligned skeletal-muscle frame keeps a joint pressure evenly distributed along the articulating joint surface minimizing joint wear and injury while providing powerful leverage. Another advantage of musculoskeletal system alignment is recruiting other muscles in an optimized efficient manner due to the neutral alignment of the skeletal frame.

Efficient, balanced, stable, and powerful bio-mechanical movements are provided with good skeletal-muscular alignment.

The goal is to incorporate and practice better biomechanical movements that will become good habits in our daily life. These biomechanical movements are in the form of alignment exercises and daily movements and actions such as sitting, standing, lifting, walking, etc… with strong musculoskeletal system alignment.

By improving the way we do things with better muscular-skeletal alignment will not only optimize our posture and strengthen our leverage but will reduce injuries while enhancing bio-mechanical performance.

The beauty of this program and guide is that improving one’s biomechanics’ is usually easy and simple and initial results are immediate.

Thank you for attending our workshop.

Sam Morishima
Director SnoZone Endless Slope Ski and Snowboard

Hands-On Clinical Workshop and Demonstrations
Fitness walking poles; a great way to get fit.
Walking; the best overall exercise
Walking with overall improved body posture of strength, balance and alignment
Improving the best exercise
Calories burned; 30% more
Impact on joints; 25 % less
Cardiovascular and heart rate; 15 to 20 %
Upper body strengthening 90 % of muscles groups
Posture; upright, hips forward, knees flexed
Body Alignment: walking straight
How to stabilize ourselves when pushing or pulling
Crossing arms. Understanding how unsymmetrical alignment can affect body stability
Aligned walking. Waddle vs straight stepping. Involves comparison with biomechanical aid (e3) and normal walking. Keeping us more prepared toward alignment on skis and snowboard
Stable and Strong joint alignment and improved balanced. Lunge with stable ankle and knee positioning vs normal lunge). Keeping the muscles active that are required for ski & SB.
Weight distribution transfer and balance. Outside leg, inside edge.
Symmetrical recruitment leg muscle usage. Sitting and Standing. Involves biomechanical aid (e3). Feet and hand position. Keeping the muscles active that are required for Ski & SB.
Walking backwards. Involves strengthening muscles rarely used as we get older and very important in building up a the essential muscles active that are required for ski & SB turning.
Exercises: situps, curls, squats, tricep press, etc… How proper alignment maximizes proper strength development and enhances exercise safety. Active alignment muscles for ski & sb.
Walking poles and e3. Maximizing our quality of health.
Incorporating walking poles and e3 for better health and athleticism
Being more body aware through “Better Body Biomechanics” (“B3”)
Improving quality of health, life and youthful capabilities as we live longer
Walking Hand
Elbows not hand
Point heel not toes
Walking through crowds
Stairs with hand rails. Feet and hand position
Opening doors
Lifting with handles to maximize strength
Bending down (hand at lower hip joint)
How to lift things with handles to maximize strength
Bending down (hand at lower hip joint)
Mother hand: thumb, little and ring finger
Practice, Practice, Practice and Practice Properly (P3&P2)we live longer
Summary and Conclusion
e3 for B3 (a little help from my friend)
Fitness pole walking for B3

An Everyday Practical Guide to keeping you
Youthfully Skiing or Snowboarding
Better Body Biomechanics (B3)
workshop clinic

Workshop Cost: $40/person

Date: ___________________

Location: _______________________________________________________________

Length: 3 hours
Dress: Dress for doing light exercise.
Tools provided for use in class (to be shared for workshop use only and must be returned):
e3 Biogrips
Fitness Walking Poles
Exercise Handouts will be given

Available for purchase: (purchase not necessary for workshop)
e3 on-line: $39.99 + tax and Shipping/Handling
e3 at workshop: $35 + tax (limited quantities)
e3 gloves on-line: TBD + tax and Shipping/Handling
e3 gloves at workshop: TBD + tax (limited quantities)