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Who will buy the Endless Slope?

1. Sporting Goods Store to provide lessons and fit boots.

2. Ski and Snow Board Instructors - provide private lessons.

3. Ski clubs to train new members and advance experience members.

4. Ski and Snowboard Resorts to increase number of skiers and boarders.

5. Individuals who love to ski and snowboard anytime.

6. Fitness Centers to provide lessons and increase enrollment.

7. Medical Centers to rehabilitate injured person

Can I use the Endless Slope at my house?

Yes, the single rider Endless Slopes will typically plug in your dryer outlet and it is designed to work under 8' ceiling?

Can I ski and snowboard by myself?

Yes, with optional overhead harness device.

Can Endless Slope be relocated?

Yes, the single rider Endless Slopes are built with casters to allow it to be moved around.  Larger decks will vary with their mobility.

How much space do I need?

The Endless Slope ES1500 has the following foot print: 59 inches by 102 inches and requires a minimum of 8 ft ceiling for up to a 6 ft person. If the overhead harness system is used then a 9.5 ft ceiling space is required. A typical area is 8 ft x 10 ft space. For a very little space you can have a mountain with an endless run.

What is the shipping dimension and weight of the ES1500?

Approximate shipping dimensions and weight are: 10 ft long x 6 ft wide and 3 ft tall.  Weight at approximate 1500 lbs.  FOB is from Modesto, California, USA

How does it compare to real snow?

It is important to remember that snow conditions vary in the mountain. It changes within the day and from day to day. The Endless Slope is one type of snow condition that is ideal for training. Trainers, instructors say that the Endless Slope is extremely challenging to all levels of skiers and boarders forcing you to perfect your skills and abilities in order to ski and board on it. Many say it closely resembles a steep icy run which maximizes your ability to ski and board with precise balance, edging, steering and pressure control.

Pro-Flight Sports.?

 Pro-Flight Sports.,  recreational sports product’s division is divided into the following areas; “SNOW”, “WATER”, “PAVEMENT” and “DIRT”.  The Snow line consist of the Endless Slope, 3rd Edge (Snowboard Brake), “Nice” snow board boots.  The Water line consists of the “Pro-Flight wake board towers and their accessories (light bar, speaker boxes, board rake, shades, Nice wake board binding, etc…).   The Pavement line consists of the “Pro-Ape” skateboard rails, fun boxes and quarter pipes, giant slope jump, etc.  The Dirt line is currently being developed.

 How Can I purchase the Endless Slope?

The Endless Slopes are sold by dealers throughout the world.        See our contact section